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Todd Grennan By Todd Grennan Apr 11, 2017

Technology is changing the customer/brand relationship.

Digital experiences have increasingly become the central way brands interact with their customers—whether that’s through email, mobile messaging channels like push notifications, mobile apps, websites, engagement on third-party platforms like Facebook Messenger or Apple TV, or all of the above. To succeed over the long haul, brands need to ensure that the tools at their disposal allow them to effectively nurture those customer relationships on an ongoing basis, no matter how their customers choose to engage.

To help you get there, this year’s LTR conference—which will be held April 27 in New York City—will be going inside the modern marketing tech stack, showcasing the technologies and tactics that today’s leading mobile innovators, growth marketers, and thought leaders use to shape the future of customer relationships. Read on for an exclusive preview of the event:

Inside the marketing tech stack

In today’s busy, distraction-filled world, one-size-fits-all blast messaging isn’t as effective as it used to be. To see strong customer engagement, savvy brands depend on highly-relevant, personalized outreach—but that can be hard to accomplish when the technologies supporting your marketing efforts are one-size-fits-all, too, instead of carefully chosen to fit your needs.

That’s why today’s most effective marketing, growth, and engagement teams are turning away from all-in-one marketing clouds and embracing best-in-class marketing technology stacks to help them reach their ambitious business goals. Because marketing tech stacks are endlessly customizable, you can tailor your marketing technology mix to fit your brand’s unique business needs and provide your customers with a more relevant, valuable brand experience.

At this year’s LTR, we’ll be covering all things stack-related, with panels covering different stack configurations, stack success stories, and stack insights from leading agencies and tech thought leaders. One highlight? Lyft’s Milan Thakor and Appboy’s Myles Kleeger will walk attendees through the martech stack basics—what it is, what it’s for, how it can help your marketing—and provide real-life insight into the benefits that a well-calibrated stack can have for long-term growth.

Exploring the future of audience engagement

Marketing technology keeps getting more powerful—but to make the most of it, brands have to keep up on the latest tools, tactics, and insights.

Get a crash course in the latest and greatest at LTR 2017, where we’ll be taking a look at what’s currently possible with today’s marketing automation and lifecycle engagement tools, and exploring what the future holds for cross-channel customer engagement, AI, and a lot more. Attendees will hear exclusive insights from iHeartRadio, Ibotta, and other forward-looking brands, and get a sneak preview of where digital marketing is headed.

And because engagement isn’t something that only businesses worry about, this year’s LTR will feature a special session on how nonprofits, activists, and political campaigns can use lifecycle engagement technologies to mobilize their supporters and keep them involved for the long-term. Tamika Mallory, a national co-chair of the Women’s March on Washington, will talk with Vanity Fair’s Mike Hogan about the role technology played in the success of that event, and what the way forward looks like for gender equality.

People-first experiences

Technology’s a powerful tool, but the human side of marketing is every bit as important. Successful marketing remembers that there are real people on both sides of the customer/brand relationship, and that their essential humanity needs to shine through to make a real, sustainable connection.

In his keynote address at LTR 2017, CNBC’s Bonin Bough will explore modern customer/brand relationships and look at the some of today’s biggest marketing successes and how a people-first focus helped them come together. Attendees will also learn actionable best practices for applying people-first thinking to their own marketing strategies.

To shine a light on the human relationships that support great marketing, LTR will also include an interactive experience presented as part of The Skin Deep’s {THE AND} series. During this live session, two members of the Rosetta Stone marketing team will explore the collaborative process and how it impacts them and their brand’s overall business impact.

For a preview of the live experience, take a look at this {THE AND} video featuring Appboy Cofounder and CEO Bill Magnuson and Marissa Aydlett, Appboy’s VP of Marketing:

Anything else?

For more information about LTR 2017, including the current agenda and list of speakers, or to purchase tickets to the event, visit

Todd Grennan

Todd Grennan

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