June 2024 Bonfire Marketer of the Month: foodpanda’s Lynn Chan

Emily Calderon By Emily Calderon Jun 18, 2024

Each month, Braze selects one individual as our Marketer of the Month in order to celebrate the exceptional work being done by members of our Braze Bonfire community. Whether it's providing support for their fellow marketers or going above and beyond by sharing their innovative ideas and strategies, these individuals are making essential contributions to their companies, their users, and the customer engagement space as a whole.

This month, we’re recognizing Lynn Chan, Lead, CRM Martech & Automation at foodpanda. Powered by tech and operational excellence, foodpanda has been growing its quick-commerce footprint in more than 400 cities across 11 markets in Asia. A subsidiary of Delivery Hero, foodpanda is now providing millions with a convenient way to get food and groceries in a few taps. We spoke to Lynn about the excitement of new challenges, CRM at foodpanda, and how Braze helps them succeed.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and the role you’re in now.

When I joined foodpanda, the martech and automation role didn’t yet exist. After pioneering several launches by leveraging different Braze functionalities, endpoints, and customer data, I was given the exciting opportunity to accelerate martech innovation and champion automation for foodpanda. I’ve always enjoyed solving puzzles and problems with creative “outside the box” methods, so it’s the perfect fit.

What is your favorite part of your job?

The constant opportunity for innovation and improvement—there are always new challenges in the realm of customer engagement and tech. CRM in foodpanda is definitely a great place to push the limits, learn fast, and get creative with the ever-changing tech environment.

How long have you been using Braze and at how many companies?

I’ve been using Braze for almost six years across three different companies!

How do you see Braze as a career accelerant?

Braze may seem like just another customer engagement tool, but I’ve seen it change to keep ahead of the industry through the last six years I’ve been a user. They make innovation accessible to marketers of all levels, and the functionalities are so versatile, it can be as simple or as technical as you can imagine it to be. Because innovation and change is so deeply baked into Braze, my mindset has shifted from “This is how other people have always done CRM” to “What are the other ways we can be more engaging?” With Braze, the environment of anything is possible has truly set the foodpanda CRM team apart as innovators who can always find ways to solve complex business problems.

What is one campaign or initiative you have worked on in your current role that you’re most proud of?

Recently, we built a campaign that introduced multiple endpoints to be used within Braze to populate deals that are available in restaurants near our customers. This allows us to send email and push notifications that evolve dynamically and in real-time.

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Emily Calderon

Emily Calderon

In her role as a Community and Advocacy Associate, Emily supports community and customer advocacy initiatives at Braze. A recent transplant from Seattle, she spends her time exploring Manhattan on foot, looking for spots that feel like home.

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