Introducing Braze Global Program Management

Sylvia Wampler By Sylvia Wampler May 20, 2022

Coordinating customer engagement projects and campaigns across your company’s global regions, agencies, and services can be a challenging undertaking. Thankfully, our new Global Program Management (GPM) team—launching in fall 2022—is here to help. Embedding a named GPM member into your account team means having a domain expert on hand to continuously educate, inspire, and challenge you to stay ahead of the market. A GPM will help guide you and your teams to design an optimal experience for your end-users across all global units, ready to act as an extension of your team through:

  1. Oversight and coordination of your engagement projects and strategic initiatives.

  2. Refinement of your global framework to serve as the foundation for rapid execution and future growth.

  3. Acting as the conduit between the teams, affiliates, and Braze to standardize information sharing and best practices.

Why We’re Launching Braze Global Program Management

So why now? Braze has grown rapidly over the last few years, and with that growth comes increasing levels of sophistication and diversity from our customers. The customer engagement landscape is constantly evolving as consumers, regulations, and policies change faster than most businesses can adapt.

With this new offering—the latest addition to our growing list of award-winning services—we’re focused on upleveling your teams and ensuring success with a fit-for-purpose solution that is aligned to your brand’s specific needs and outcomes.

Braze Global Program Management: What it Covers

So what is GPM all about? At Braze, the Global Program Management team will provide the following benefits:

  • Program Management: Coordination and oversight of affiliates, brands, agencies, and your Braze team to streamline Braze activity, leverage resources across teams, and help connect the dots between stakeholders, leading to rapid deployment and unlocking additional ROI.

  • Program Governance: Setting up the required foundations for future growth via our proven Project Management methodology, leading to successful implementation and the activation of new channels and capabilities.

  • Group Delivery Support: Establishing a central Project Management point of contact with a consistent understanding of your needs, driving alignment of Braze activity and reinforcing effective ways of working across affiliates, leading to increased quality and visibility.

  • Advisory Services: Ongoing Product Management Operations support through your lifecycle with Braze and a dedicated workstream with your global business units, leading to significant reductions in the internal effort required to mobilize, onboard, coordinate, and manage your providers.

Final Thoughts

As the marketing landscape shifts and changes over time, we continue to evolve how we support our customers as they grow and manage their customer engagement programs across multiple teams, countries, and business units. To learn more about our award-winning services, check out Braze for Success.

Sylvia Wampler

Sylvia Wampler

Sylvia Wampler is an Associate Product Marketing Manager at Braze, based out of Chicago. Outside of work, you can find her going on long runs on the lakefront trail, playing intramural leagues with friends, and drinking overpriced lattes.

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