What Emojis REALLY Mean to a Mobile Marketer [Infographic]

Team Braze By Team Braze Jul 15, 2016

Like many people who live their lives on the internet, I’m quite excited for World Emoji Day this weekend. What is World Emoji Day, you may ask? It is a global celebration of everything emoji, founded by Jeremy Burge (of Emojipedia fame) back in 2014.

Why July 17? Well, you have one guess. 📅

To celebrate, my colleagues and I at Appboy are giving you this gorgeous poster (click here for the PDF!) that you can print, stick up on your wall, and look at whenever you need a smile.

The life of a mobile marketer can be full of ups and downs, some days you’re 😎 and some days you’re 😰 . But there’s nothing quite like that feeling of 💪 when you know you’ve made a real connection with your customers.

P.S. We have a brand new report that breaks down how many marketers are using emojis, and how effective they really are! We also conducted a survey to find out what customers actually feel about emojis, and the results may surprise you.

AB16_WrldEmojiDay_mailer_final AB16_WrldEmojiDay_mailer_final–page2

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Want more emoji goodness? Check out our guide to emoji marketing and our Winter 2016 Emoji Marketing Report. Steal some ideas from other brands like Disney, NASCAR and VH1, and start seeing real results with this tremendously fun new medium.

Till next time, 💁.

Team Braze

Team Braze

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