Email, Push, and Beyond: How Braze Powers Real and Lasting Results Through True Cross-Channel

Team Braze By Team Braze Nov 18, 2020

Communication is central to modern life (and modern marketing)—it binds us together, personally and professionally. Finding the best way to get your brand’s core message out to your target audience, and doing so in a way that it engenders a powerful connection, is at the heart of what marketing does. If that relationship can be successfully engaged and nurtured into something lasting, then customer experience and satisfaction result...and conversion, retention and revenue follow. People want to connect, they want a resulting value for that connection, they want to be seen and heard as individuals, and will reward that happily with brand loyalty.

To do that effectively, today’s marketers are increasingly embracing cross-channel messaging campaigns that are personalized for every recipient. The key? Ensuring that you have the data, technology, and teamwork you need to deliver different experiences to different customers based on their profiles. But first, let’s dig into what leveraging this approach can mean for your customer engagement results.

Cross-Channel Personalization Works

When marketers take advantage of personalization and cross-channel orchestration, they provide their customers with more relevant, meaningful experiences—and that leads to stronger business results.

When Braze looked at more than 300 million users around the world and examined how their engagement was affected by the messaging channels (email, push notifications and in-app messages) that were used to reach them, we found cross-channel campaigns have an outsized impact on engagement. In fact, users who received cross-channel messaging from brands saw engagement rates as much as 844% higher than individuals who were sent no messages at all.

Separately, research suggests that adding personalization to your marketing program can do a lot to boost your bottom line. According to McKinsey’s Julien Boudet, “Personalization initiatives can deliver significant value, including on average 10-30% revenue uplift and higher customer acquisition rates and engagement.” For a lot of brands, that means that personalization can be the difference between a successful marketing strategy and a failed one.

The Braze Difference for Your Cross-Channel Personalization Strategy

But while cross-channel and personalization are both important, best-in-class brands are increasingly finding ways to leverage both these approaches in tandem in order to drive stronger customer relationships...and stronger results. Thankfully, the Braze platform is designed to support this effort by providing brands with the ability to build out tailored campaigns across different channels like email and push notifications, as well as different different platforms like mobile and web. Some of the key features supported by Braze include:

Leading African streaming service Showmax uses segmentation to boost ROI by 37%
  • Dynamic Segmentation: This strategy takes advantage of filters and segmentation features within Braze to support the nuanced targeting of messages based on individual consumers’ real-time web or in-app behavior, demographic data and more.
  • Liquid Personalization: This personalization language—or syntax—can be used to easily add personalized elements to messages and to deliver specific message variants to the appropriate recipient, supporting more tailored customer experiences.
  • Braze Connected Content: This dynamic content tool allows marketers to automatically communicate with and pull information from public APIs and brands’ proprietary systems to adjust message content in the moment to more effectively speak to users.
  • Braze Canvas: This customer journey management feature allows brands to build out nuanced, multi-step campaigns that seamlessly leverage a variety of different messaging channels to communicate with customers effectively.
Fiverr leveraged Braze Canvas’ support for in-campaign testing to craft a powerfully effective messaging experience

Next Steps

Cross-channel personalization provides rich, valuable experiences that one-size-fits-all, channel-specific messages just can’t. To learn more about the impact of message personalization and cross-channel engagement, check out the Braze Cross-Channel Difference Data Report and Personalization Guide.

Team Braze

Team Braze

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