Build Intimacy and Boost Conversions With Appboy’s New Personalization Feature

Team Braze By Team Braze Mar 25, 2015


Mobile is an inherently personal, 24/7 channel. With Appboy personalization, we’ve taken that built-in intimacy and advanced it to the next level, enabling marketers to automatically craft targeted, personalized communications across the full spectrum of messaging channels.

This new feature draws on the rich user profiles powered by Appboy’s Mobile Marketing Automation platform, making it easy to tailor communications on an individual level. Instead of manually drafting variations for each user segment when launching a big marketing campaign, Appboy personalization automatically customizes each message, even if you have tens of millions of users worldwide. Tailor any part of a message from subject line to sign-off to reflect the recipient’s name, gender, clothing size, favorite sports team, etc., and send it in whatever channel works best: email, push notification, News Feed Cards or in-app message.

And with Appboy’s support of advanced custom logic out of the box, feel confident knowing that more responsive use cases involving intelligent logic are possible. Whether you aim to use key-value pairs to send unique promo codes straight to devices, or want one campaign to support multiple languages, we can make it happen. By empowering clients to add information contained in a user’s profile to a customized message, Appboy personalization gives marketers an unparalleled ability to maximize the effectiveness of their outreach.

To see personalization in action, schedule an Appboy demo of the feature.

Team Braze

Team Braze