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Harness the Power of Connected Customer Data With Braze and Amperity

Todd Grennan By Todd Grennan Jun 23, 2021

Data is the foundation of modern marketing. As the internet has become more and more central to modern life, brands have found themselves with more data about their customers than ever before. This data gold rush can support smarter, more thoughtful customer engagement, but only if marketing, growth, and engagement teams are able to act on it effectively.

Relevant customer data can power effective message segmentation and highly personalized outreach, as well as help marketers assess and optimize their efforts with each message they send. But to get the full value of the data at your disposal, you need swift, scalable ways to surface key information across your brand’s marketing technology stack. It’s not enough anymore to rely on siloed marketing technologies. In a world where new platforms and messaging channels seem to spring up constantly, your different systems have to be able to effectively speak to each other effectively to support the kinds of experiences today’s consumers crave.

Timely, Accurate Data Flows Support Better Marketing Outcomes

To help make it easier for brands to manage their data to drive stronger marketing outcomes and more sustainable customer relationships, Braze is pleased to announce our partnership with leading customer data platform Amperity.

“Successful brands know that finding ways to effectively manage and act on customer data is the foundation of valuable, long-term relationships with users,” said Jugdeep Bal, Head of ISV/Technology Partnerships at Amperity. “Amperity and Braze allow brands to make the most of their data by supporting complete customer profiles and delivering personalized cross-channel campaigns at scale.”

Braze + Amperity: What We Make Possible

Using Braze and Amperity in concert will help brands bridge the gaps between the disparate systems that make up their customer engagement stack, simplify identity resolution in connection with marketing campaigns, and support better outcomes for their customer engagement efforts. Shared Braze and Amperity customers will be able to leverage Amperity’s AmpID to support robust identity resolution and Amp360 to enrich holistic customer profiles in connection with the Braze platform to provide more accurate, relevant, and meaningful user experiences in the moment—and across the entirety of the customer journey.

This powerful pairing of technologies will allow brands to:

1. Gather All Meaningful Customer Data in a Single, Unified Profile

By combining the Braze platform’s rich engagement data with Amperity’s ability to draw in information from a variety of otherwise disparate systems, marketers can create, inform, and continuously update comprehensive views of each customer across all touchpoints. Break down existing data silos, resolve user identities at scale, and ensure that all of your key first-party and customer data is available in a single, actionable location.

2. Surface Real-Time Insight That Fuels Real-Time Personalization

Personalization drives stronger marketing outcomes—and having the right data when you need it is an essential part of effective personalization. With Braze and Amperity’s partnership, brands can port in data and insights around user preferences, purchases, product affinity, lifecycle status, and more directly into Braze. Using this data flow, marketing, growth, and engagement teams can customize messages in powerful, highly individual ways in the moment using Braze-powered personalization tools like Liquid.

3. Execute Impactful Cross-Channel Campaigns That Create Tangible Value

Today’s consumers engage with brands continuously across devices, platforms, and channels. To keep up, marketers need the ability to act on real-time customer data in order to send messages that correspond to each individual customers’ specific behavior and place in the user journey. Braze and Amperity make that possible by allowing marketers to leverage our joint integration to build automated lifecycle campaigns across the full range of messaging channels (from push notifications and in-app messages to email and SMS) while continuously testing and iterating the content, cadence, and channel mix of these campaigns to reduce churn and increase lifetime value.

How to Get Started Using Braze and Amperity Together

Data is an essential part of marketing today—and meeting your brand’s customer engagement needs means embracing true data agility. The joint Braze/Amperity integration makes that possible by connecting the different layers of your stack and leveraging Amperity’s flow of information and insights to inform, personalize, and trigger campaigns powered by Braze.

To learn more about this powerful integration, check out the Braze documentation, download the Amperity solution brief, or reach out using the Braze contact page.

Todd Grennan

Todd Grennan

Todd Grennan is a New York-based writer and editor. When he's not writing about mobile marketing, customer retention and emerging technologies for Braze, you can find him trying to read his way through every Wikipedia article related to World War II.

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