Take Greater Control of Marketing Initiatives With API Campaigns

Team Braze By Team Braze Sep 15, 2014

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We seek to supply a solution to every mobile marketing problem. With the launch of API Campaigns, we’re now able to seamlessly connect your programmatic messaging strategy with existing results on our comprehensive Dashboard. For instance, if you plan to send transactional or event-triggered messages such as a welcome email or notification after completing a game level, we will track that data and house it under the same roof as your other marketing results.

API Campaigns
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Since responses will be tracked on a per-user basis, messages assigned to an API Campaign will be eligible for our powerful retargeting functionality. By being able to seamlessly test different message variants, see the results of opens and clicks, and retarget based on user interactions on one dashboard, we are giving you the increased capability to strengthen your marketing actions. Instead of pulling in data from a number of different sources, we have created a streamlined central hub that showcases your entire mobile strategy. You can control who can see and access information, and your whole team can visit the Dashboard and effectively execute on their responsibilities.

If you have any questions on the launch of API Campaigns, make sure to check out our documentation. We hope you enjoy this new feature!

Team Braze

Team Braze