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Become a Mobile Marketing Expert Using Appboy Academy

By Mark Ghermezian Apr 3, 2014


Until recently, only enterprise clients could routinely benefit from the services of our Success Squad – a dedicated, elite group consisting of members specially chosen for their technical and mobile marketing skills. With the release of Appboy Academy, a one-stop, all-inclusive educational resource for marketers, their insight is accessible to all at any time. Smaller, independent developers and newcomers to mobile marketing can empower themselves with the knowledge, skills and best practices necessary to help engage their app audience.

Through the Academy, mobile marketers can find how-to videos on Appboy implementation, and easy instructions on how to create their first segment or campaign with push, email or in-app messaging. In addition to the basics, the Academy also serves as a constantly evolving, cutting-edge resource database that anyone, customer or not, can reference 24/7.

The Academy consists of three sections:

Quick Wins and Deep Dives: As the one-stop all-inclusive Help Guide for Appboy, marketers can skim the top tips for Quick Wins, or go deeper into sophisticated analytics and marketing automation techniques with Deep Dives. From setting up a first campaign to advanced features like “deep linking,” the Academy serves as a comprehensive map for all beginning marketers, as well as a step-by-step training resource for innovative clients looking to dig deep.

Best Practices: One of the key advantages that enterprise clients receive from Appboy is the dedicated service of its Success Squad. The team provides customized, in-depth guidance on user engagement and ways to enhance app monetization – both from the perspectives of user behavior and psychology, and from how best to deploy Appboy’s analytics and marketing automation tools. With Appboy Academy, the Success Squad’s key insights are now available to all. Marketers can discover proven strategies and best practices relating to push notifications, the News Feed, email, in-app messaging and more.

New Features: As you know from our regular posts, Appboy is in a constant state of innovation. In the first few months of 2014 alone, we have announced a partnership with Nokia DVLUP, comprehensive support for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, enhanced location targeting, updated cross-platform SDKs and radical, industry-first upgrades to its analytics platform. The Appboy Academy keeps clients up-to-date with the latest changes as they happen, pairing every update with the necessary advice and resources to help use the new and improved services.

In short, the Appboy Academy empowers all developers and marketers to apply our marketing automation services to their apps in the smartest way possible.

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Mark Ghermezian

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