Be Absolutely Engaging.™

Sage AI by Braze

Sage AI by Braze empowers you to work smarter in crafting, scaling, and adapting memorable experiences that foster stronger relationships between your brand and your customers.

Engage real customers with artificial intelligence.

Craft brilliant experiences

Create authentic brand experiences at scale and tailor content, recommendations, and customer journeys that resonate for every user.

Work smarter

Save time and costs on routine or repetitive tasks and spend more time driving the strategies that are most important to your brand.

Achieve better results

Optimize, automate, and personalize powerful experiences for every one of your customers that drive better outcomes for your brand.

Deliver brilliant customer experiences with the world’s smartest marketing advisor.

Craft brilliant experiences

Personalize experiences at scale.

Predicted customer behaviors

Identify, target, and engage customers based on their likelihood to purchase or perform any other high value action.

Intelligent personalization for each customer

Match each customer with the message copy, creative, channel, or offer they are most likely to engage with.

Messages where they’re most effective

Reduce costs and prevent churn by identifying and sending messages to the users who most need to hear them. 

8Fit increased conversions 3.75x by using Braze Predictive Suite to target those most likely to convert

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Craft brilliant experiences

Recommend the right items for every customer.

Personalized products and content

Drive better outcomes by highlighting personalized items based on each customer’s behavior and purchase history.

Fast, customized recommendation engine

Have Braze learn more about your customers and your brand with out-of-the-box AI item recommendations. Easily plug recommendations into any campaign, on any channel.

Bring the outputs from your models

Easily sync the outputs of your in-house predictive or recommendation models into Braze for actioning across channels.

Work smarter

Automate routine tasks and drive greater value.

AI image generation

Reduce dependencies and internal bottlenecks by creating message-ready graphics quickly with the Dall-E Image Generator.

AI copywriting

Spend less time on routine copywriting tasks and focus more on making your message heard.

“I felt like I always used the same words, the same expressions, the same concept. With the AI Copywriting Assistant, I can find a way to talk about the same concept using different words. And, it provides inspiration to develop new approaches.”

Raffaella Accogli Global CRM Manager, Activation

Work smarter

Feel confident in campaigns.

AI Content QA

Ensure your messages are customer-ready with an AI-powered editor that checks messages for appropriate content, structure and language.

AI-powered automation

Take the guesswork and wasted effort out of decision-making using automated experimentation designed to drive you towards the best version sooner.

Intelligent reporting

Use generative AI to build SQL reports and unlock granular insights from plain text prompts.

Achieve better results

Test and optimize every step of every customer journey.

AI-powered testing

Apply ML-powered experimentation at every step of the journey and test timing, copy, channel, images, journeys, and more to create winning experiences.

Intelligent timing and channel

Send users the content they love, on the channels they use most, at the times they are the most likely to engage.

Intuitive and easily accessible

Carry out sophisticated, statistically-significant testing strategies with a single click.

Case Studies

Are you a channel short and a dollar late?

Braze operates with sub-second latency—not batch-and-blast—so you can generate the right engagement in the right moment to yield the most valuable results.