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Nothing goes unnoticed—Braze offers detailed reports for every single campaign. Each includes integrated insights and tools for a cross-channel look at what you've achieved.

Predict and perform with AI

Our Intelligence Suite helps you tackle any situation that comes your way. It provides a powerful foundation of data-based suggestions that will help inform your creativity, leading to better insights and performance overall.

Comprehensive reports and summaries

Nothing goes unnoticed—Braze offers detailed reports for every single campaign. Each includes integrated insights and tools for a cross-channel look at what you've achieved.

After optimizing their campaigns with Braze, Urban Outfitters' overall message open rates jumped over 100%

Seeing Is Believing

Let customers be your guide

Your customer profiles should inform your entire approach. Age, gender, location, purchases, likes, and other key characteristics are included in each. Braze uses your customer profiles to help you segment, personalize, and optimize messaging as you go. The more you know, the better.

Experimentation and Optimization

Set the bar higher

Our Intelligence Suite helps you reach for the stars with continuous testing of up to eight variants. See what comes out on top to inform the next round of experimentation on anything from channel mix to cadence, timing to segmentation.

Real-Time Insights

Get inspired by AI

Stuck on a specific user journey? Our Intelligence Suite can help. Deliver campaigns at each user's preferred time of day. Optimize every Canvas toward the best performing variant. Send the right channel to the right customer. Dive deep into Segment analytics. Then, let the creative juices flow.


Export data on the fly

When you need to analyze performance and optimize messaging, you shouldn't have to face long waits for data. Import and export high volumes of data in milliseconds with Currents. It's the one of the best gifts we could ever give you: your time back.

Media & Entertainment

News travels faster. Everyone's talking at once. Your customers have new expectations—see what they are.


ABC News's Trailblazing Campaigns

Learn why ABC News came out on top during one of the busiest nights of the year: America's 2016 election.

The Oscars: Your Big Opportunity

Hollywood's big night drew 34.3 million viewers in 2016. Here are the best ways to shine during the main event.


Delivery & Transportation

The market's growing and expectations are higher than ever. Every trip matters. Every order counts.


Delivery Hero Optimizes Satisfaction

Delivery Hero processes 12 million orders over 34 markets. But every customer still gets personalized, real-time messaging across devices. #goals


Lyft Fuels Amazing Experiences

This transportation titan uses experimentation to learn what works for each passenger and optimize experiences at scale.


Travel And Hospitality

Mobile's changed how customers perceive ease, speed, and convenience. What does that mean for you?


Five Brands Redefining Travel

Airbnb and momondo are among the new leaders in travel marketing. Learn from the experiences that strengthen their customer loyalty.


Keys to Engaging Your Customers

Looking for smarter, fresher ways to whet your customers' appetites? Here are three new-school rules for quick service engagement.


Retail & Ecommerce Section

Generic messaging. Bad mobile experiences. Amazon. Your new bottom-line enemies, revealed.


Urban Outfitters & Anthropologie's Accuracy

These popular brands use data-infused campaign messaging to bridge the gap between real-world and digital behaviors.


1-800-Flowers' Abandoned Cart Magic

The old abandoned cart trick—it brings customers back every time. All it takes is some nimble experimentation and strategic personalization.


GDPR Compliance

Avoid an expensive headache by joining #TeamCompliant with Braze. Prepare with the facts, stats, and key developments surrounding the EU's new General Data Protection Regulation.


2-Factor Authentication, Whitelisting, and More

Our enterprise-grade permissions systems, airtight governance, and strict access controls ensure that your data stays in the right hands.


Cross-Channel Personalization

Personalize messaging across channels using your customer data. This personalization scales, so that you can be thoughtful whenever, wherever.


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