Dots boosted their average LTV among all users by 25% and increased total revenue by 33% from just one campaign with Braze. #winning

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Push Notifications

Ah, push. It’s that buzz of messaging that keeps customers connected with their favorite brands. Push notifications pull your customers back into your app. Use Braze to personalize your push messaging to reflect specific customer behaviors, interests, preferences, and more. With Braze, you can also create interactive messaging with Push Stories, Push Action Buttons, and rich push notifications.

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In-App Messages

Apps aren’t supposed to be boring or complicated. Help your customers understand, explore, and engage with all sides of your app using in-app messages. They make for great tutorials, promotional slides, and more. Plus, they’re easy to add to any campaign in Canvas, our visual experimentation tool.

Content Cards

With Content Cards, you can send a highly targeted, dynamic stream of rich content to your customers right within your app or website, all without interrupting their experience. Showcase featured content, news, video, important updates, and more.


75% of people surveyed* said that they use their smartphones most often to check email, according to Fluent. Braze ensures that your emails work well with your mobile strategy with our easy-to-use email editor, personalization tools, sending engine, and unified reporting. Our dedication to deliverability means that you can trust that your emails will be delivered to the right place, at the right time. Plus, we keep migration from being a headache—our team gets you up and running with little to no time at all.

*Over 2,000 American smartphone users surveyed.

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Our Device Support


We support a wide variety of campaign messaging to customers on the Apple iOS platform. This includes iPhones, Apple Watch, and iPads. Your campaigns with Braze can use platform specific functionality around location, permissions, sounds, and more.


Your Android customers are all set to receive an array of campaign messaging supported by Braze. This includes Android Oreo and previous operating systems. Your campaigns with Braze easily fit within Android’s notification channels, permissions systems, and more.

Additional Platforms

Braze supports Cordova, React Native, Unity, and other platforms. We provide ready-made SDKs for these systems as well.

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