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What is Wunderkind?

Wunderkind is the only performance marketing engine with guaranteed revenue performance. Wunderkind enables brands to create and build relationships with their customers through email, text, and websites, with permissioning and identity management at the heart of its platform. By expertly tailoring, automating, and scaling brand-forward, one-to-one experiences, Wunderkind helps retailers acquire new customers at scale and keep them loyal for life.

Wunderkind enables brands for the first time to use their first-party data at scale, building lasting relationships with consumers while driving unmatched revenue. Using proprietary data models developed alongside hundreds of clients, Wunderkind smartly creates automated, dynamic engagement strategies that are built to perform. By focusing on one-to-one experiences through the channels each individual prefers, Wunderkind ignites and reignites customer relationships, unlocking new growth. Best of all, no client heavy-lifting is required.

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How we work together

Wunderkind’s Identification technology is the key differentiator to our scale and value-add to Braze’s ESP product. Wunderkind's ID advantage enables brands to recognize more anonymous users across devices down to the level of an actionable email address.

On average, Wunderkind increases Identification from 3-5% (pre-Wunderkind) of website traffic to ~40-60%. This significantly scales 1:1 messages sent via Braze. Behaviorally driven, on-site email capture campaigns, also scale list growth directly to the Braze CRM by 3-4x.

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