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What is SalesWings?

SalesWings B2B Studio upgrades Braze with essential B2B capabilities, which is important when Braze is leveraged to drive leads and accounts to a sales team. SalesWings delivers top of the line B2B capabilities such as no-code lead scoring, lead grading (aka Firmographic scoring), CRM sales insights, lead website tracking and alerts, along with a strong CRM integrations to optimize sales and marketing alignment and lead management.

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How we work together

SalesWings allows customers to automatically track their leads and accounts on their website, when they click on Braze emails/SMS/etc, or when they submit a web form, and then leverage our no-code B2B tools to qualify leads and accounts for sales. All essential data is natively pushed to the CRM, to allow marketing teams drive qualified leads and accounts to sales teams. Furthermore SalesWings delivers sales insights around leads, contacts and accounts, allowing a sales rep to understand the interests and sales-readiness to grow sales. Lastly, SalesWings allows marketing and sales ops to create reports in their CRM, gaining insights on leads that are engaging with Braze marketing campaigns.

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