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What is Merkury?

Merkury increases consumer engagement and brand revenue through increasing identity recognition rates for site visitors. We do this by turning anonymous visitors into contactable customers and prospects.

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How we work together

The Merkury Tag increases the ability for brands to recognize previously unknown site visitors. This increased recognition is seamlessly integrated into the Braze profile, allowing users to benefit from increased revenue due to higher site abandonment email sends as well as improved personalization opportunities from demographic data enhancement of the Braze profile.

The partnership ensures that brands utilizing Braze are able to maximize their associated triggered email revenue. As the highest ROI program for most retailers, maximizing identity rates ensures Braze delivers maximum revenue for their customers. The integration also supports profile enhancement with Merkel demographic data. When deployed, the Merkury Tag averages a 30% increase in email reach and associated revenue plus a maximization of clients’ abandonment email revenue and 1p audience size.

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