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What is Komo?

Komo is a SaaS platform that helps brands create engaging consumer promotions, capture rich first and zero-party data and grow their sales through immersive, interactive and gamified content, which can be easily created using the Komo self-service platform. Content and campaigns created on Komo can be distributed via various channels and platforms, including branded microsites, social media, in-store signage, out of home, and fully integrated into live broadcasts, Live events, stadium big screens, IPTV, LED’s with live data feeds.

Komo is used by all industries including but not limited to Sport, Entertainment, Retail, Shopping Centres, FMCG, Hospitality and Broadcast Media. We also partner with agencies that support brands in those verticals.

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How we work together

Komo is used to capture consumer attention, collect first and zero-party data, which is then directly synced to Braze. This allows customers to continually capture more data, and enrich it over time. The integration takes just a few minutes to configure, and requires no developer support. Every new Komo campaign is an opportunity to further enrich Braze data, which means Braze and Komo customers can deliver more personalised and engaging communications.

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