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What is Clarisights?

Clarisights is a self-service enterprise marketing reporting platform. Clarisights empowers marketers to do all their day-to-day marketing reporting - to understand trends, to analyze tests, etc. - in a single platform. No need for spreadsheets or SQL ever.

With Clarisights, marketers have all their data sources automatically integrated - covering all marketing, analytics and internal attribution sources. This provides a single source of truth for all campaigns.

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How we work together

Clarisights integrates with Braze as well as analytics and internal attribution sources. With Clarisights, Braze data is automatically joined to analytics and attribution data down to the most granular level. This means Braze data is joined to internal revenue data so you can understand the true value of your Braze campaigns.

With built-in data transformation capabilities and visualizations, the marketing team can analyze the data freely to optimize their campaigns more effectively.

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