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What is Celebrus?

Celebrus is a first-party, digital data capture and identity resolution platform.

Celebrus unlocks the power of complete and compliant first-party behavioral data. Say goodbye to custom JavaScript code and tagging headaches - their patented identity resolution ensures persistent digital identity across all channels, devices, and domains. Capture, store, and utilize individual interactions effortlessly for a seamless single customer view across all touchpoints for instant activation in Braze.

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How we work together

Celebrus captures rich first-party behavior and profile data for each individual customer, which can be seamlessly synced with Braze. Celebrus integrates with Braze SDKs across web and mobile app channels, facilitating the population of Braze with channel activity data. This includes comprehensive insights into visitor traffic across digital assets over specified periods. This enables the delivery of precise Braze analytics, empowering you to devise highly effective communication strategies based on comprehensive, accurate, and detailed first-party data. This capability is supported by contextualized Machine Learning-based Signals, without JavaScript tagging or Data Layer development. With a robust first-party identity graph in place, all data becomes instantly accessible for immediate use

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