PureGym Generates a 55% Open Rate with Targeted, Relevant Emails Using the Braze API

PureGym offers low-cost, 24/7, flexible memberships across nearly 300 gyms in the United Kingdom. To ensure members are kept up-to-date and to build customer loyalty, PureGym partnered with ConsultMyApp to build the Gym Communications Manager (GCM). By utilizing the Braze API, PureGym’s Member Services team are able to send members highly relevant emails about their gym, winning an open rate of 55%.


Email Open Rate

PureGym is the UK’s favourite gym*, which highlights the friendly relationship it has with its members. PureGym is keen to maintain the it’s sense of community for its members, stressing its Everybody Welcome mantra. To quickly share news about important gym events like changes in opening times or new gym staff with its 1.1 million members, PureGym worked with Braze and ConsultMyApp to use API-Triggered Campaigns and dynamic segmentation to deliver responsive, targeted messages about gym services.

Improving the Gym-Going Experience with Timely Messages

PureGym enlisted ConsultMyApp to build the proprietary Gym Communications Manager (GCM) to allow its Leeds-based Member Services team to send relevant emails to customers from a central location, any time of the day. However, manually scheduling the timing for the messages wasn’t easy to do, nor was it easy to filter messages by gym location and member type. These messages play an important role in the member experience: If members showed up at their local gym only to find out they weren’t notified about a repair-related closure or rescheduled fitness classes, they’d be pretty unhappy with PureGym.

To ensure the right emails went to the right member at the right time, ConsultMyApp created more than 20 email templates in Braze as API-triggered campaigns, with emails for events such as notices of refurbishments, gym closures, reopenings, alerts about equipment, and class upgrades. The GCM also uses dynamic segmentation to target the users by gym, recent activity level, and gender, to ensure that members receive emails that are most relevant to them. Additionally, the streamlined process for email generation also reduced workload and complexity for the PureGym CRM & customer service team.

The GCM solution integrates with the Braze API, and customer service team members simply choose a template, add important message information through input fields or checklists, then preview messages before activation. After they schedule and send emails, team members can check on their status easily in the GCM interface.

“Joining and attending a gym becomes a meaningful and enjoyable habit—one that we want to encourage by helping our members make the most of their time at PureGym,” says James Edwards, Head of CRM at PureGym. “The Braze dynamic segmentation and API-triggered campaigns help us communicate changes and improvements to our gyms so that every time members visit, they get the best experience.”

PureGym Results: High Open Rates, Hundreds of Thousands of Members Reached With Relevant Timely Information

By sending gym members the right messages at the right times, and keeping them informed about availability and improvements at their local gyms, PureGym helped local gym communities make the most of their memberships. The dashboard and Braze API-driven email campaigns saw an open rate of 55% for 129,635 unique recipients of PureGym emails.

Final Thoughts

PureGym has a vested interest in helping members get the most use out of their local gyms, so that working out becomes a healthy part of their lives instead of a once-in-a-while undertaking. Toward that end, PureGym has to stay in touch with members, delivering messages that share news that impacts the gym-going experience. Rapid, responsive, and targeted messages, delivered with help from ConsultMyApp and the Braze API, land at the right time and place with PureGym members.

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