HappyFresh Drives 33% Purchase Rates by Putting Customers First

Dedicated to a customer-first approach, Jakarta-based online grocery delivery platform HappyFresh needed to quickly solve for the new ordering problems brought on by COVID-19. Using Braze, they built a solution in two days, which saw a 33% purchase rate.

No matter how prepared we are, no brand can predict the future. The world can change in an instant, as COVID-19 has recently shown. The best brands need the ability to quickly adapt to better serve their customers. It’s no small feat, but when you build a tech stack that’s as powerful as it is flexible, there are no barriers.

For HappyFresh, a Jakarta-based online grocery delivery platform operating in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, an influx of new and returning customers doesn’t seem like a problem. However, so many users turned to online grocery ordering as a result of COVID-19 that delivery slots were running out faster than people could check out, leading a subset of customers to abandon orders without completing them.

Dedicated to a customer-first approach, HappyFresh needed to quickly solve for this frustrating consumer experience without rebuilding their tech infrastructure. Luckily, they had Braze.

In the Blink of an IAM

In order to protect the user experience, HappyFresh had to adapt to the new situation without putting too much strain on their already-busy tech teams. Their strategy: Cross-channel communication starting with an in-app message (IAM).

Working across departments, HappyFresh developed a high-value messaging flow that informed and maintained customers:

  • First, the Product team identified where the most customers dropped off due to unavailability of delivery slots.
  • Next, they created a custom HTML in-app message to be triggered at that key moment.
  • The HappyFresh Tech team built a custom Javascript IAM, which allowed them to change a user’s opt-in preference for that specific messaging flow.
  • The IAM informed the user of the situation and gave them an opportunity to opt-in with one click for updates via push notifications and email.
  • This customer journey was easily implemented within Braze via our Canvas customer journey management feature.

Even better? The entire process only took two days to set up.

HappyFresh’s Results: High Purchase and Opt-In Rates

This Canvas, or customer journey, ran for about three weeks before HappyFresh’s slot availability returned to normal. During that time, the IAM was achieved a 43% opt-in rate. The following email and push updates had a 33% purchase rate.

“At HappyFresh, we believe in doing more with less,” said Yee Lynn Chan, Group CRM Lead at HappyFresh. “Explore all the features out there because you never know what problems you can solve with the right tools and just a bit of scrappiness.”

Final Note

HappyFresh is determined to deliver the best customer experience—especially during tough times, when their service can help to ease someone’s worries. This customer-first approach not only shows their users that they care, but it helps them provide value when people need it the most.