EverWash Converts More Subscribers and Drives a 37% Conversion Rate With Strategic Messaging
37% Conversion rate


EverWash, a mobile app that revolutionizes the way car washes and their customers do business, wanted to create a better onboarding experience that maximized retention.


By utilizing Braze Canvas Flow, our journey orchestration tool, EverWash was able to design a valuable onboarding experience that engaged new subscribers with personalized messaging in their first 30 days.


EverWash was able to increase 30-day retention by 7%. They also achieved a 37% conversion rate on their holiday push campaign, and a 95.5% deliverability rate when ramping up to sending 2 million emails.

EverWash has partnered with over 900 premium car washes across the US and is disrupting the car wash industry by adding modern technology to the mix. They offer a solution that allows premium car wash operators to implement, run, and manage a monthly membership program in their local communities. By partnering with EverWash, operators can attract and maintain more customers, increase the revenue generated by each customer, and improve the overall profitability of their business.

EverWash relies on washes (and in turn, interactions with car wash operators) as lead generation, so onboarding new users and familiarizing them with the technology they offer (e.g. the terms of service, how to use the mobile app, and the benefits that come with a subscription) can be a notable challenge. After introducing users to the product and its benefits, the clear next step was to build messaging to encourage paid subscriptions, followed by customer engagement programs that would maximize retention.

As they scaled, EverWash recognized the need to ramp up their onboarding efforts, nurture relationships with fresh subscribers, and win back lapsed subscribers by upgrading their communication channels and the strategies behind them. So they turned to Braze.

A New Onboarding Experience

Prior to Braze, EverWash was using a clunky in-house tool that only supported email messaging. They knew they needed a platform with more complex capabilities that could send cross-channel communications to help deepen their relationships with users.

By implementing Braze and leveraging Braze Alloys solutions partner Ragnarok, EverWash was able to get their data organized and streamed directly into the platform, which allowed for easy and valuable customer segmentation. From there, they set up push notifications, developed an SMS strategy, and began creating dynamic customer journeys via Braze Canvas Flow.

Channels Utilized

With the better tools and data, EverWash was able to build an onboarding flow that sent a user upsell offers if they visited a car wash two or more times within the first week of subscription. They built this journey after analyzing their data and finding that upsells increase likelihood a user uses the service in month two, after which data shows that users will stick with their subscription for nearly a year on average.

If the new user doesn’t visit two or more times within the first two weeks, EverWash sends reminders about the benefits of the new subscription and encourages them to stop by for a wash. As part of their messaging strategy, they employ the Braze platform’s Intelligent Timing send-time optimization feature to deliver their messages to each user when that particular individual is most likely to engage. They’re also using Liquid personalization in 91% of their campaigns, allowing further customization based on what they know about each user. Both of these tools make EverWash’s messaging a more user-tailored experience, which ultimately helps increase conversion and retention overall. One email blast in particular saw massive success: Their holiday car wash closing campaign had a 37.37% conversion rate.

Additionally, the team builds new Canvases using push notifications, email, and SMS every week, tracking conversion events to derive meaningful takeaways that are used to improve the next campaign. Also, since fully integrating Braze into their marketing strategy, EverWash has doubled email sends (totaling two million, with a 95.5% deliverability rate) and engagement rates across the board, leading to more informed members, more subscriptions and win-backs, and fewers calls to their customer support team. By adding push and SMS to the fold, they’ve been able to strategically engage with users via the medium that resonates best with them.

“Canvas Flow is like a video game. All I want to do is be inside Braze all day.”

Nash Goudie
Digital Marketing & Communications Manager, EverWash

EverWash’s Results: Strategic Messaging Leads to Better Conversion and Retention

By ramping up personalized messaging at the beginning of the customer journey, EverWash increased conversion and retention by motivating more mobile app users to subscribe and make a habit of the service. They strategically communicate across various channels—email, push notifications, and SMS—to reach each individual user at the right time, in the right way.

37% Conversion rate for holiday car wash push
7% Increase in 30-day retention rate

Key Takeaways

  • As a company scales, so must its marketing solutions. EverWash realized their in-house technology wasn’t going to support their growth, which led them to broaden their messaging horizons with the help of Braze tools.

  • Keeping in touch from the get-go to create a user habit is critical to the success of a subscription-based service. No matter how valuable a subscription may be, if customers aren’t remembering to use it, they won’t be motivated to maintain it.