Endowus Transforms the Investing Experience With Cross-Channel Customer Journeys

Fintech startup and digital wealth platform Endowus wanted a marketing stack that would help them communicate with their audience more intelligently. Having recently adopted Braze, they’re already seeing big results and find themselves eager to continue utilizing data to personalize and automate messaging across platforms.

Singapore-based digital wealth platform Endowus is on a mission to help clients bring these words to life by offering expert advice, and best-in-class funds at a low, transaction fee-based cost with zero commissions or sales charges. Prior to their launching, when investors wanted to invest using their public pension funds or otherwise known as CPF in Singapore, they’d have to go to a traditional bank or financial services institutions. It was a cumbersome, offline process that didn’t come with user-friendly onboarding. Endowus wanted to create a technology stack that allowed its investors to seamlessly use money from their public pension fund for investment purposes and complete the onboarding process in a matter of minutes. They also offer funds that were not traditionally available to retail investors in Singapore. Just this year, Asia Asset Management recognized them as Singapore’s “Best of the Best in Fintech Innovation in Asset Management.”

Endowus was singularly focused on the web in its earlier days. In 2021, the company released its mobile app, opening up a new world of opportunities for communication with customers. One major motivator for partnering with Braze was to help manage messaging through the app and maximize its effectiveness as a tool to round out the user experience.

A Better Customer Journey

Because they’re both growing quickly and operating lean, the Marketing team was looking to easily automate and test cross-channel customer journeys. Using Braze Canvas, our customer journey orchestration tool, they are able to test, experiment, and iterate on all aspects of consumer messaging throughout each journey in order to ensure each message is the most effective. From there, they’ve automated journeys based on both action-based triggers and time-based triggers:

  • Action-based: When a user has moved from one stage of the onboarding journey to another (from onboarding details submitted to broker account opening, for example), it triggers a different message to the user to take the next action

  • Time-based: When a user has completed their first investment, within the first week, it triggers a NPS survey to gather feedback about their onboarding experience. After different time periods through subsequent months and years, they automatically trigger followup surveys to gather feedback on their investing experience to constantly listen to what customers are saying and improve based on their feedback

They’ve also been able to deliver a more personalized experience by segmenting based on attributes like if the user has been referred by a friend, if the user attended a webinar/event, and investment behavior (segmented further into recurring investment, types of investment, and fund sources.)

Another one of Endowus’ major priorities regarding email was ensuring that their customers weren’t receiving too many messages—their marketing flow is chock full of promotion of various activations, such as webinars and insight articles. They utilize frequency capping to solve for that and avoid overwhelming their audience or flooding their inboxes with an unwelcome amount of content.

“The power in Canvas is allowing us to quickly test, evaluate and iterate new ways to improve our communication with our customers and learn what resonates best with them. We’re really excited to experiment with it to further enhance the user experience of our clients.”

Jason Teo
Head of Growth Marketing, Endowus

Endowus’ Results: More Variables, More Opens

By creating robustly personalized customer journeys with Braze Canvas, Endowus added a 30% increase to their email open rates, and they’re excited about the variety of customization opportunities that lie ahead. They’ve also been able to significantly decrease the time it takes to execute campaigns.

Key Takeaways

  1. Tinkering with variables can earn you big results as a marketer—if you’re not A/B testing, you’re missing out on opportunities to deliver the best possible experience.

  2. Automation is key to efficiency. The more you can automate, the more time you have to focus on ideas and innovation, not execution.