"Braze’s ability to help us communicate with each user in a culturally relevant way has been an incredible value add at every stage of our lifecycle marketing."

Igor Lubawinski, Delivery Hero

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increase in total revenue in a single campaign

Delivery Hero moves across channels to engage users everywhere. With a messaging strategy for every device, their outreach is tailored to fit every customer journey.

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uplift in revenue in a single abandoned cart campaign

Delivery Hero sends the right abandoned cart message at the right time using our Intelligence Suite. These well-timed campaigns keep customers coming back for more.

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Attribution discovered early and often

Delivery Hero identifies attribution by conducting surveys via our in-app message channel. This easy analysis helps their team prioritize budgeting for future campaigns.

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Over 40

countries enjoy personalized engagement

Delivery Hero arrives with smart, relevant messaging anywhere from Columbia to Korea. Easy language personalization helps their team speak to every user like an individual.

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Postmates uses Braze to keep its business running with confidence. The on-demand "anything" app works with Currents to optimize messaging-in-motion and increase impact in real time for both consumers and its fleet.

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Urban Outfitters

Sky's the limit at Urban Outfitters. And rightfully so—they count on Braze to deliver brand experiences that exceed expectations and raise LTV campaign after campaign.

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momondo ignites wanderlust. This booking app uses Braze to channel bucket lists and pass the travel bug, and they increase ROI while they do it.

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