BALAAN Increases Conversion Rate 2.5X With Customized Campaigns from Braze
2.5X Increase in Conversions


BALAAN had limited internal resources for customer messaging, but still wanted to personalize and automate its engagement strategy.


After switching to Braze, BALAAN expanded into mobile messaging and leveraged the platform’s automation capabilities to deliver personalization at scale.


BALAAN saw a 1.5X increase in new subscriptions, and a 2.5X increase in conversions.

BALAAN is Korea’s largest luxury shopping platform, connecting customers with international luxury brands and providing a unified shopping experience from product search and recommendations to delivery and customer service. The platform allows customers to purchase the products they love through partnerships with 300 European boutiques, which accounts for 66% of the luxury market, as well as 1,500 local shops and reliable parallel importers. By providing its own concierge services, BALAAN is creating a new culture of online luxury shopping.

As BALAAN expanded its web-based business to mobile, they hoped to strengthen their marketing to bolster sales, win new customers, and encourage repeat purchases. Initially, they attempted to increase engagement at key moments in the customer journey, but with limited internal resources, managing messaging for a rapidly growing number of customers proved to be increasingly difficult.

With that in mind, BALAAN began their search for a new solution that would provide a powerful automation environment, where they could set up and manage effective customer engagement, and scale personalized communications with customers. They turned to Braze due to our powerful automation environment, support for personalization features, and cross-channel capabilities.

Shopping for Customer-Centric Communications

Prior to switching to Braze, BALAAN’s communications with customers lacked personalization and didn’t allow for automation. This meant that the same messaging was being received by all their users at the same times, even if they were at different points in their individual customer journeys. BALAAN looked to improve their strategy to allow for much more nuanced, personalized messaging and engage with their increasingly large customer base, all without being intrusive.

A Smartly Dressed Messaging Strategy

After switching to Braze, BALAAN created a discount promotion for new subscribers with in-app messaging. When users installed the BALAAN application and opened it, an in-app message was sent offering a 200,000KRW (US$185) discount on their first purchase after signing up.

BALAAN also sent three different types of push notifications through Braze to customers who had saved products in their shopping carts or wish lists but had yet to make a purchase:

  1. A message encouraging them to open the app when items in their cart were in short supply—for instance, “Only 5 Left In Stock,” “Not Much In Stock,” “Almost Sold Out,” or the more general “Check Out Before It’s Gone”

  2. A friendly message encouraging customers to complete purchases they had previously added to their shopping cart or wishlist—for instance, “I am waiting for you.”

  3. Finally, customers who did not install the BALAAN app were still contacted with personalized messaging; the company sent messages via webhook to nudge individuals to complete purchases on items left in shopping carts and wish lists.

“Braze allowed me to send a customized message at each point in the customer journey, and it significantly increased the retention rate and conversion rate of purchase,” said Yurim Lee, Marketing Manager at BALAAN, “And the most satisfying thing of all is that Braze made the whole process automated. Even if I don’t check all the data, Braze is already communicating with customers at the best moment.”

Campaign Timeline

Nov 2020

Contract for Braze Adoption

March 2021

Setup (SDK setup, development, etc)

March 2021

Designed campaigns

July 2021

Launched the first campaign

Luxury Automation and Personalization

BALAAN’s use of Braze to incorporate first-party data collection with a sign-up discount, followed by an intuitive, automated messaging strategy drove new subscriptions by 1.5–2X, tripled click rates on messages, and increased conversions 2.5X.

1.5X Rise in New Subscriptions
3X Clicks On Messaging
2.5X Increase in Conversions

Final Note

Promotions alone aren't going to drive growth. Through nurturing consumer relationships with automated, personalized messaging in the channels they prefer, BALAAN was able to continue to scale. To learn more about how to create meaningful consumer experiences, check out how Sephora SEA used in-app message gamification to increase purchases by 132%