Babylon Health Uses Flexible, Modular System to Cut Email Production Time by 90%
90% Lower email creation times


Medical service provider Babylon Health needed to reach out to consumers at scale. Their previous solution did not provide a simple way to produce personalized emails with multiple variants, requiring CRM team members to directly edit HTML—an inefficient method with potential for error.


Babylon Health was able to quickly and easily create email campaigns composed of modular elements that were targeted to individual users without violating medical privacy or data privacy laws, thanks to the Braze platform’s commitment to compliance and regulation.


Emails that used to take an hour to build could now be created in minutes, giving the CRM team more time and opportunity to test their strategy and optimize campaigns.

After launching in the UK in 2013, Babylon Health has expanded internationally to provide telehealth consultation and services to over a dozen other nations. Their mobile app allows patients to communicate with doctors through text and video messaging. Babylon Health partners with private insurers and government initiatives, while also offering subscription models to individual consumers.

The company had been using a more simplified CRM platform to reach out to consumers, but its limitations made emails difficult. Braze gave them a simple, seamless way to create customized messaging built on user information.

Channels Utilized

Making House Calls

While it’s important for consumers to be able to use the Babylon Health app on demand to reach medical professionals, that’s only one part of a holistic care plan. Reaching out to users to provide them with tools and ideas for maintaining their health can offer significant benefits. Babylon Health needed to find a way to produce messaging that supported that goal effectively and quickly.

Following a knowledge-sharing session with another Braze client, Jim McCarthy-Cheung, Senior CRM Manager at Babylon Health, realized he had the answer: Using a Google Sheet as a starting point, he built a tool that enabled fellow Babylon Health email marketers to quickly and easily select images, columns, headings and more for use in their messages. They can choose alignments, calls to action, and other elements from dropdown menus and paste the auto-generated HTML code into email templates connected to Content Blocks, which are reusable cross-channel assets in Braze. From there, further customization can be done with Liquid personalization tags, serving up different content based on gender, age, region, app features users had access to, and more.

The end result is diverse, personalized weekly newsletter emails that are natively mobile responsive, personalized to each user’s interests, and feel intimate and valuable to recipients. The modular nature of these emails means that messaging and creative can be easily swapped for the purposes of A/B testing, or to reflect the needs and restrictions of the different markets Babylon Health serves without time-consuming rewrites.

Babylon Health Results: A Shorter Path To Engaging Email

The new system was an immediate success with the CRM team. Having a clear, simple tool that didn’t require coding knowledge let them dedicate more time and focus to crafting valuable, relatable messaging that they could easily target and modify.

90% Lower email creation times

“Less time spent building—and knowing that the templates are reliable due to using the same content blocks each time—gives us more time to really think about the creative and to test different variants,” said McCarthy-Cheung. “This means we’ve saved time and also seen significant gains in our KPIs.”

Final Thoughts

Emails in the modern marketplace need to transcend form letters to provide relevant, targeted information if they want to be opened. Babylon Health was able to deliver campaigns that felt personal and valuable, without a massive outlay of time and resources.

To learn more about balancing user privacy with data management to create valuable content for customers without overstepping their boundaries, check out Braze Privacy and Data Report.