How Azimo Cashed in on Better Customer Engagement With the Help of Braze Customer Success

Global money transfer company Azimo needed a new customer engagement platform in order to become more efficient and innovative in their approach to managing customer relationships. With help from Braze and its Customer Success team, they were able to take their customer engagement efforts to the next level.

For more than a century, banks and money transfer shops have overcharged people to send money abroad. According to the World Bank, the average cost of a single remittance payment is still nearly 7% of the amount sent. Worse, many offline providers still take up to five days to send money overseas. Hard-working people deserve more. That’s why Azimo created a faster, cheaper way to send money abroad. They used technology to democratize financial services, bringing fantastic exchange rates and instant transfers to consumers and businesses around the world.

Azimo understood the importance of technology when it came to developing and retaining their audience, facilitating customer transactions, and growing their overall business, but found its strategy hamstrung by a CRM solution that wasn’t fitting their needs. To improve effectiveness in this key area, Azimo knew it needed to find the right customer engagement platform—and the right strategic partners. They found both of those things in Braze and its Customer Success team.

Azimo’s CRM Starting Point

Before switching to Braze, Azimo struggled to send effective cross-channel campaigns with their original marketing platform, which siloed email and push notifications in separated solutions that were difficult to align. This lack of messaging coordination led to reduced cost effectiveness and made it more difficult for new users to get up to speed and to learn how to navigate Azimo’s app and website.

With Braze, Azimo was able to take advantage of a customer engagement platform built to scale effectively with their business. Because Braze is naturally cross-channel and channel agnostic, building effective cross-channel campaigns is significantly easier and more seamless, supporting better customer engagement outcomes.

Because the Braze platform is architected on a foundation of streaming data and designed to work effectively with a wide variety of different systems, integration between different layers of Azimo’s technology stack became simpler and less complex, making reporting more useful and easier to manage. So it’s no surprise that Azimo’s engineering team was particularly happy about the switch—after all, Braze was able to fit right into the company’s existing tech stack without a lot of hassle.

“We migrated [to Braze] within three months, and it was genuinely the easiest migration,” said Harjot Dhillon, Senior CRM Marketing Manager at Azimo. “It was done so efficiently and we couldn’t be happier with the way we migrated. It’s still working for us now with no problems, two years later.”

The Braze Success Difference

There’s that old saying that you can give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, but if you teach him to fish, he’ll eat for a lifetime. While Software as a Service (SaaS) and harvesting the riches of the sea don’t hold up to a straight-up apples-to-apples comparison, there’s some parallel in the Braze approach to supporting its customers. The software that makes up the Braze platform is powerful and comprehensive in its scope, but helping clients get the absolute most out of it is the mission of the Braze Success team.

In Azimo’s case, engaging with Braze Customer Success led to a leveling up of the company’s CRM efforts. Weekly check-ins with the Braze Customer Success Manager (CSM) assigned to their account allowed the company to plan and execute much more dynamic campaigns by drawing on the Customer Success team’s technical and strategic expertise.

One example? With their prior CRM solution, Azimo had to create a different version of each email they sent for every language it needed to be translated in; otherwise, they ran the risk of not being able to communicate effectively to their global audience. But with the help of the Braze Customer Success team’s guidance, Azimo was able to leverage the Braze platform’s Connected Content dynamic personalization feature to both connect with a translation tool that automated the process. They also learned how to leverage this feature to serve up the real-time exchange rates for different currencies that are essential to Azimo’s business model and customer experience. This approach boosted the efficiency of these campaigns and reduced the bandwidth needed to send each message.

CSM + CRM = Results

By combining the power and flexibility of the Braze platform with the hands-on support and strategic guidance of the Braze Customer Success organization, Azimo was able to successfully migrate platforms, solve their cross-channel alignment issues, effectively localize and personalize campaigns, and provide a better experience for their customers. The upshot? Azimo’s decision to switch to Braze led to a 14% boost in email open rates, a 24% rise in email clickthrough rate (CTR), and a four-point increase in registered users making their first transfer, setting up customer engagement programs for success.

For more on the Connected Content dynamic personalization feature that helped make a difference for Azimo, check out the Braze Personalization Guide.