Use Deep Linking From Push to Inspire Desired In-App Actions [Product Update]

Don't leave your push openers wondering what to do next

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Appboy has made it easier than ever to deep link from push notifications. Our recent iOS and Android SDK releases have helped us seamlessly support deep linking functionality, allowing you to engage your users with meaningful interactions above and beyond simply opening the app.

The immediacy and intimacy of push messaging can make it an incredibly effective tool for reaching their user base. But a well-crafted, carefully targeted push notification that successfully engages users and gets them excited about a promotion or announcement only to place them blindly on the app’s home screen represents considerable wasted marketing potential.

What mobile marketers need is the ability to lead users from push notifications to specific pages within an app, making it easy for your users to reconsider an abandoned shopping cart, buy tickets for an advertised concert or check out a new feature. Appboy’s deep linking from push lets you do that and more, including sending users to pages on the mobile web.

When used in connection with Appboy’s powerful personalization and individualized user analysis, deep linking from push allows you to automatically customize what pages users are being sent to based on information contained in our rich user profiles. Appboy’s robust Mobile Marketing Automation platform ensures that your deep links are always personal and valuable to the users who click on them, boosting engagement, conversions and user satisfaction.

To learn more about what you can achieve using this feature, check out Appboy Academy’s page on deep linking from push for iOS and Android, or our post on How Deep Linking Can Double Conversion, Increase Retention, and Boost Engagement.

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