Unlock the potential of your customer and campaign data

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Personalized and relevant marketing campaigns require in-the-moment access to data. That’s why Braze teamed up with Snowflake to launch Data Sharing — our native data integration.

How we work together

Reduce Time to Insights

Immediately access, join, and analyze your Braze data directly within Snowflake. Our turnkey solution enables you to spend less time thinking through complex data integrations and more time uncovering the real-time insights that drive relevant and memorable experiences for your customers.

Break Down Data Silos

Your customer data lives in a variety of different places. Break down data silos and create a single, reliable source of truth by combining your Braze message engagement and customer behavior data with all of the other data sources within your Snowflake instance.

See How Your Customer Engagement Stacks Up

With Braze and Snowflake, you can slice, dice, aggregate, visualize, and share your data however you see fit. Together, we empower you to answer more nuanced questions as they arise, pick up on key trends, and even compare results to industry and channel benchmarks.

Payomatic Boosts Mobile App Adoption and Lifetime Value with Data-Driven Marketing

In this exclusive Braze case study, uncover:

  • How Payomatic used Braze in tandem with Snowflake to reach customers at the right stage in the customer journey with push notifications, in-app messages, Content Cards, and Connected Content
  • How Payomatic's use of Braze drove a 32% uplift in direct deposit adoption via its mobile app
Payomatic logo and content card