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Braze: The Unmatched Leader in Push Notifications

Ranked #1 in G2's Push Notification Grid, ahead of 42 competitors, we maintain our top spot as the category grows. With extensive user reviews and market presence data, Braze stands as the definitive choice for your push notification needs.

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  • "I am a longtime Braze user, and whether it is at my current company, or my past companies, Braze is always my platform of choice when considering platforms to send emails and additional messaging to our users. I love how multichannel compoments are all brought together with Canvas Flow, and how simple it is to send a single-channel message in the Braze Campaigns tab. Although I know much more about Braze than when I started using it 5 years ago, I also can confidently say it is a user-friendly platform that you can onboard into on the easier side (if you take advantage of Braze's LAB - Learning at Braze - trainings)."

    Verified G2 User in Information Technology and Services
    Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)
  • "We use Braze for all consumer communications. This includes but is not limited to Email, Push Notifications, SMS, and In-App Messages. Braze gives us the tools to communicate with users throughout their lifecycle with our app/service. We have communication flows for new user and member onboarding, win backs, transactional, and more. We also have the ability to send out ad-hoc messages to achieve different goals. All of this has allowed us to increase retention, conversions, LTV, along with leading our users to be more knowledgeable with our product."

    Nash Goudie, Marketing Communications Manager
    EverWash (Automotive, 51-200 employees)
  • "Braze is constantly releasing new features and improving on their product. My customer success experience has also been top notch."

    Digital Marketing Strategist
    Transportation Industry
  • "Braze is an extremely user friendly platform, from in-app messages, to campaigns and canvas', everything is right at your fingertips with ease. It is utilised by many teams across the business and enables us to segment our audiences and target users through specific points of their customer journey whether thats B2C or B2B. The analytics is good for quick insights into how different campaigns are performing without having to delve too deep."

    Verified User in Staffing and Recruiting
    Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)
  • "- Class-leading personalisation and segmentation. This is where it shines. If you can think of it, Braze can probably target it. - Easy to use and comes with intuitive features, as well as Drag and Drop Editors - But you can do full custom code as well - Canvases can be complex and personalised but the Canvas Flow makes them so easy to build - Experimentation, A/B test and machine learning options are next level"

    David O
    Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)