Nurturing Empathy In Customer Communications

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With everyone sheltering in place for the last 4 months, many brands have seen explosive growth in new users. This spike in customer acquisition has increased challenges in retention forcing brands to quickly adapt their communication strategies. We as humans expected brands to listen to us, to understand us, and to be compassionate and empathetic in their communications to us. One of the industries that has stood out successfully during this time is QSR and On-Demand.

In this webinar, the panel explores how brands that prioritize compassion in their user interactions, no matter the channel, will grow their audience, build more loyalty among their current customers, and accelerate revenue. This panel features Ashley Travis, Director of Digital Strategy at Yum! Brands, Tim Vu, VP of Media & Performance Marketing at Papa Murphy’s and Sean Eidson, General Manager of Loyalty + CRM at T3 and is moderated by Magith Noohukhan, Customer Engagement Evangelist at Braze.

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  • Overcome customer retention challenges with data driven, personalized communication
  • Implement a loyalty program that will keep your customers engaged
  • Design your customer engagement strategy with diligence towards automation and customer journeys


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