\ˈsən\-ˌset\ \ˈtiŋ\

Sunsetting is ceasing to send messages to disengaged users.


Sunsetting is the process of identifying and ceasing to send messages to disengaged users—in other words, cleaning up your list. Sometimes users become disinterested in a product, but don’t go to the trouble to unsubscribe from email lists or uninstall apps.

While there is hope for re-engagement in some cases with the proper strategy, in many ways, leaving these users in your campaigns and continuing to send messages is problematic. It negatively impacts your open rates and for email, may lead to low priority or spam sorting by ISPs, which can hurt deliverability for your entire list. Companies should develop sunset policies to identify when a user is sufficiently disengaged (based on spam reports, time since last click or open, etc.) so that they’re left off of active messaging lists. Some policies include one final attempt to engage before sunsetting.

“We’ve updated our push and email sunset policies to include anyone who marked our email as spam or hasn’t opened or clicked in over three months.”