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The Braze For Impact Podcast #4: Email Deliverance

Team Braze By Team Braze Mar 4, 2019

You’ve got mail, Braze for Impact listeners! Because on this week’s episode, Braze Product Manager Gurbir Singh and Braze Director of Email Deliverability Andrew Barrett are in the house to discuss all things email. Here are a few of the email-centric topics we discussed:

What’s the deal with ISPs and ESPs?

We cut through the misconceptions and confusions surrounding these two acronyms and get to the heart of the matter. What are ESPs, exactly? How do internet service providers (ISPs) make their money? What are their goals? And how can brands align their email programs with ISPs’ goals to improve deliverability?

Is spam still a thing?

The short answer: Yes. But the best email marketers understand how spam works and do everything they can to make their message not look like spam. How do ESPs use the spam folder to keep marketers honest? And is Gmail’s controversial “Promotions Tab” really as bad for email marketers as people say? Plus, we share some best practices for dealing with deliverability given these constraints.

How do you keep email fresh?

Email seems to be one of those marketing channels that’s always changing. And it’s not just the features that are changing—the way people engage with their inboxes is always evolving. How do email marketers keep up and keep their messages fresh? What role does research play when it comes to experimenting with new features? And how do you deal with resistance to change within your team?

What does the future look like for email marketing?

Where is email going? What technologies are going to turn email upside down? And is there legislation on the horizon that could affect the way email marketers do their job?

Few people understand the ins and outs of inboxes better than Andrew and Gurbir. So if you spend a great deal of time working on deliverability, you won’t want to miss hearing what they have to say about where email’s at and where it might be going in the coming years. Get the full episode right here.

Team Braze

Team Braze

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