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The Braze for Impact Podcast #11: God Save the Screens

Team Braze By Team Braze Apr 18, 2019

With new technologies and more data than ever, the way marketers do their jobs is changing quickly. PJ sat down with Braze teammates Dan Head and Robbie Matthews to discuss where marketing is going and how teams can prepare:

Thinking Beyond Email

The days of relying on just email and DMPs are over. Now the more future-oriented teams are embracing flexible technology that is channel agnostic. How can your team level up and create a stack that’s ready to take on our mobile-centric new normal? How can you be more playful with technology and create experiences that leverage data to delight customers? And what can longer-standing legacy enterprises learn from new-school customer-oriented companies? We get into the weeds on all of these burning questions.

Creating a Responsible Culture of Data Use

The GDPR and CCPA are just a few of the ways the government is cracking down on how brands use data to build customer experiences. The hosts discuss how to use data in a responsible way—and how careful handling of data is already the basis of good marketing. How can we continue to create and adopt technologies that make it easy to handle data in a trustworthy fashion? And how can data be used in a way that feels human, like a pleasant conversation being had between the brand and the customer?

Knowing the Future Before It Happens

Dan discusses the importance of future-proofing. It goes beyond just embracing new schemas that enable you to handle data with agility. And it goes beyond delivering better mobile experiences. Organizations need to constantly be working out their innovative muscles and building team structures that foster the ability to quickly adapt to changing technology and markets. That way your brand can “get to the future first and welcome our customers as they arrive” in the words of former Unilever CMO, Keith Weed.

As discussed in this episode, Robbie is so obsessed with data that he was recently informed by his girlfriend that he talks about data in his sleep. So as you can imagine, this episode goes pretty deep on all things data. Listen to the full episode here.

Team Braze

Team Braze

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