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The Braze For Impact Podcast #2: Swiping for the One

Team Braze By Team Braze Feb 14, 2019

Love is in the air on Braze for Impact. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we sat down with fan favorite Taylor Gibb of Customer Success to discuss all things dating apps. In honor of this romantic and tech-centric discussion, Taylor brought along her friend Jordan—who met her husband on OKCupid! Here are a few of the topics discussed:

The pros and cons of dating apps

In the best situations—like Jordan’s—dating apps can help us find love. Pretty nice, right? But for the vast majority of users, dating apps can be an endless grind of aimless swiping that leaves you paralyzed by choice and headed for a life of loveless solitude. (Okay. Maybe we’re being dramatic.) So how can the creators of these apps amplify these benefits and build more encouraging, rewarding experiences for users?

Are new players solving these problems?

Former Braze team member Dylan Petro launched Bounce, a dating app which does away with chatting and sets up a date between matched users right away. Does this solve the “choice paralysis” that keeps dating app users from going on dates? Or does it punish users who might want to use an app to get to know someone before committing to a date?

Wait—are dating apps dystopian?

With the recent announcement that Match Group, the makers of Tinder and OKCupid, will be acquiring Hinge, our panel considered a tough question: Is love being monopolized by big corporations? And what impact will that have on romance?

What even is success in the world of dating apps?

If we do find love on a dating app, we stop using the app. Dating apps don’t want that now, do they? We tackle this sticky question and explore how to measure success in the dating app space. Is it best to keep users on the app looking for love? Or to match up lots of people and prove the app is effective?

We cover all of that and still find some time to grill PJ about his dating history. So break out a box of chocolates and tune into this romantic discussion! Get the full episode right here.

Team Braze

Team Braze

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