How THE ICONIC, ZALORA, and Dafiti Collaborate to Harness the Power of Braze

By Lindsey Silverman and Marissa Lim Oct 4, 2021

Fashion eCommerce platforms THE ICONIC, ZALORA, and Dafiti, part of the Global Fashion Group, have been long-time partners of Braze. These platforms consistently work to deliver real value to their customers by delivering rich experiences on the right channel and at the right time. Through a cross-channel customer engagement strategy, they’ve seen growth across the board.

When people began work from home during the global COVID-19 pandemic, an opportunity grew for Braze to create a virtual space for collaboration across these brands (and multiple time zones!). The Quarterly Success Knowledge session was thus set in motion where each brand takes the floor to present a recent strategy, campaign execution, new product feature, and/or learnings to the broader group. Beyond these sessions, team members across brands link up on the Braze Bonfire slack community to ensure ongoing discussions.

Curious to find out their experiences with these sessions and their hopes for the future, we spoke with THE ICONIC, ZALORA, and Dafiti and uncovered these three main takeaways.

Closing the Global Gap and Forming New Relationships

How are the CRM programmes from the other regions running? What could we learn from each other? These were questions raised within each region before the quarterly sessions commenced. Suffice to say, with these sessions, the regions are now able to close this gap and form a strong collaboration, while taking back with them shared learnings and experiences. These sessions have streamlined processes to effectively share important platform learnings and have acted as an icebreaker to form closer cross-region relationships. GFG ventures have found they reach out a lot more now outside of these sessions to get advice and talk strategy.

Sharing Actionable Learnings

Sharing is caring, but what about sharing and putting these learnings to good use? Now that’s a win. These brands have continued to collaborate after the sessions to implement what they learned from each other, hoping to continue to gain valuable insights into the various approaches to similar business problems to further support their future planning. Valuable topics that have been covered include the Braze Intelligent Suite, Global Control Groups, and the power of segmentation.

Hopes for the Future

The three brands hope to continue the momentum of knowledge sharing where they get to uncover interesting initiatives led by other brands. At the same time, they envision that these sessions will continue to help them to take a step back to reevaluate their current marketing strategies and optimise from there.

Final Thoughts

Continuous shared learning across brands is highly encouraged and proves to be beneficial. One thing is for sure: Businesses can gain more synergies and efficiencies from just one sharing session, whether it is just listening or gaining insights on how to utilize the Braze platform more effectively.

*This conversation has been edited for length and clarity.

Lindsey Silverman and Marissa Lim

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