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The Braze for Impact Podcast #1: Shopping Tools and Financing Fools

Team Braze By Team Braze Feb 8, 2019

On each episode of the Braze for Impact podcast, host PJ Bruno sits down with guests to dig into the latest and greatest when it comes to tech industry news and trends. In this episode, PJ chatted with Patrick Forquer, Strategic Account Executive, and Spencer Burke, VP, Growth at Braze to tackle these pressing questions:

Why is no one buying groceries online?

Online shopping is now the norm for most consumers. But a recent survey singles out one sector where ecommerce hasn’t taken off: Grocery shopping. We give a brief history of online grocery shopping, outline our own (sort of hilarious) experiences with it, then offer some reasons why adoption might be so slow—particularly among American consumers. What does this trend say about where ecommerce finds itself today? And where is it going?

Can augmented reality help people shop for eyeglasses?

Recently, retail giant Warby Parker announced the launch of Virtual Try-On, which enables shoppers to virtually “try on” glasses using their own iPhone camera. This is just another example of retailers using augmented reality to make the online shopping experience more seamless. But is this innovation worth the hype? Is this feature even that different from that Snapchat filter that makes you look like Elton John circa 1975? And if people aren’t buying groceries online, are they really going to buy glasses?

Is Reddit really worth three billion dollars?

The self-proclaimed “front page of the internet” is drumming up lots of money from Silicon Valley investors. But is Reddit ready for the mainstream? After all, the social network has dealt with rampant hate speech and conspiracy theories that have led some to call for increased censorship of the platform. The other side of that coin? Reddit is a great place for community. It helps people with niche interests connect (...and might even convince Spencer to take up woodworking!). How much is a warm, communal feel worth on today’s internet? And will Reddit’s increased need for ads get in the way of that feeling?

Groceries. Glasses. Woodworking. Elton John. It’s all right here. Check out the the full episode!

Team Braze

Team Braze

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