Appboy Releases SDK Translation Support for 29 Languages

Team Braze By Team Braze Mar 17, 2015


In addition to English, we now also support 29 languages in our built-in SDK messages, which apply to the default messages displayed in apps integrated with Appboy, such as fields that request feedback (“Please enter a feedback message”) or buttons that prompt users to perform an action (“Done”).

If a mobile app provider serves multilingual customers, the most the provider could have done previously was to translate their campaigns into the end-users’ languages. However, the default messages sent from Appboy (e.g., “An email address is required”) would have displayed in English. Now Appboy customers can have these messages display in one of 29 foreign languages.

The languages supported are:

1. Arabic
2. Burmese
3. Chinese – Simplified
4. Chinese – Traditional
5. Danish
6. Dutch
7. Estonian
8. Finnish
9. French
10. German
11. Hindi
12. Indonesian
13. Italian
14. Japanese
15. Khmer
16. Korean
17. Lao
18. Malay
19. Norwegian
20. Polish
21. Portuguese – Brazil
22. Portuguese – Portugal
23. Russian
24. Spanish – Latin America
25. Spanish – Spain
26. Swedish
27. Tagalog
28. Thai
29. Vietnamese

Our SDK is also already localized, which refers to the ability for the phone to automatically detect the device locale to ensure that any messaging in our UI elements match that locale. This means that if the phone language is set to one of the supported languages, any of the Appboy default strings triggered within an integrated app will automatically appear in that language. Here’s an example from a sample feedback page:


These translations are built into our latest iOS (version 2.9.5 and up) and Android (version 1.6.2 and up) SDKs, and our next Windows release coming soon.

One small step for man…

Although this update does not cover the translation of the dashboard itself or campaign text, both are on our radar, and our current SDK translation is a great start down this path. As Appboy continues to expand its position as a global leader in marketing automation, progressive steps like these – from localization to this translation support – demonstrate our commitment to the mobile optimization space, both locally and abroad.

Team Braze

Team Braze