The 2022 Global Customer Engagement Review Is Here

Today’s brands are embracing customer engagement and it's paying off. But as the bar for marketing experiences rises, how can your company keep up?

Scroll down to explore the biggest trends shaping customer engagement in 2022, and dive into exclusive data insights that will help you tackle today’s business challenges.

Top Trends for Customer Engagement in 2022


Brands who are confident in customer engagement exceed revenue goals


As third-party data declines, zero-and first-party data becomes more essential


Data management is now the top challenge for brands

Better Customer Engagement and Stronger Revenue Go Together

Of brands that ranked their customer engagement efforts as excellent or good beat revenue goals
0 YoY
Increase of user likelihood to buy if brands utilize a cross-channel customer engagement strategy

Add a Channel to Your Messaging Mix to Drive

More purchases per user
Lift in user likelihood to buy

As Third-Party Cookies Decline, Focus on First-Party Tactics Like Engaging Anonymous Users

57% of new users are anonymous
These users take action on apps and websites without logging in, continue as “guest,” or haven’t been given an official identifier
5.3X increase
In likelihood to buy when you engage with anonymous users on just one channel

Data Is a Top Challenge for Brands in 2022

0 of brands say that
Collecting, integrating and managing data is a top concern

The State of Customer Engagement by Region

Map of the world

The Braze Customer Engagement Index

We surveyed over 1,500 VP+ marketing executives and analyzed Braze customer data to assess the maturity of brands’ customer engagement strategies. The findings show three clear levels of maturity: Activate, Accelerate, and Ace.

These brands have just begun to recognize customer engagement as important to business goals. They only focus on campaign- and channel-specific solutions with limited metrics.
We see collaboration across departments, a strong experimentation culture, and robust metrics. However, these brands are still campaign-oriented and lack a comprehensive view of customers across platforms and channels.
At these top-performing brands, customer engagement is lifecycle-centric, owned by cross-functional teams, and built on streaming data.

How Do Brands Around the World Perform Against the Customer Engagement Index?

We plotted survey respondents against the Index to provide a more in-depth understanding of what customer engagement maturity looks like.

Activate Accelerate Ace

Where Does Your Company Fall on the Customer Engagement Index?



Decision-Maker Survey:

On behalf of Braze, Wakefield Research surveyed over 1500 VP+ marketing executives from business-to-consumer (B2C) companies with an annual revenue of $10+ million across 14 global markets. We’ll reveal year-over-year trends, top strategies, and the impact of customer engagement on revenue.


Braze Customer Data:

As a leading customer engagement platform that powers experiences between consumers and 1,000+ brands in 50+ countries, Braze has exclusive insight into the marketing and technology landscape. Our research included data aggregated from over 5.4 billion global users to provide analysis for activation, monetization, and retention trends.


Braze Customer Stories:

To demonstrate the tangible success of best-in-class customer engagement strategies, we spoke with leading brands in five industries and three regions.

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