To drive more value and app engagement, Ibotta uses Braze to send its users a customized shopping list every Friday. This personalized email helps drive a 15% open rate as well as an 8% conversion rate that is 2x higher than their previous campaign.

Although online shopping (just barely) outdid retail for the first time this year, it’s clear customers aren’t planning on giving up either anytime soon. And while it might seem like unifying the digital and in-person shopping experience is out of the question, leading cash back rewards brand Ibotta doesn’t see it that way. Their app lets customers shop, save money, and earn cash back all in one app, whether they’re in the store or shopping online.

To deliver even more value to their customers, Ibotta uses Braze to send their users personalized shopping lists filled with recommendations, current offers, and trending items.

Ibotta: A Penny Saved and a Penny Earned

Ibotta is dedicated to creating a more human relationship with its users by sending personalized messages based on their specific buying and browsing behavior. Their Switch and Save email, for example, is sent out to users 24 hours after they’ve gone shopping. It includes similar brands to items they’ve purchased that currently have high-value offers and rewards in the app.

By leveraging the Braze platform’s Connected Content feature, Ibotta can instantly populate emails with valuable, individually-relevant recommendations. Connect Content allows Ibotta to speak to their users one-on-one rather than use a less effective one-size-fits-all approach.

Ibotta utilizes in-house machine learning models to make recommendations to their users based on their product preferences. In addition to the Switch and Save email, they send their users highly-personalized shopping lists complete with valuable rewards every Friday.

Ibotta’s Results: Higher Click-Through and Conversion Rates

By curating highly-personalized experiences, Ibotta drives high value and engagement when it comes to their users. The custom shopping list email has a 15% open rate, 1% click-through rate, and 8% conversion rate.

“Connected Content allows Ibotta to surface content that is highly personalized, helping to improve the experience and increase the value of our product for our users,” says Lizzie Landis, Growth Marketing Manager, Lifecycle at Ibotta. “This drastically improves the user experience and their relationship with Ibotta as a leading brand in helping consumers be rewarded for what they buy and where they shop.”

Final Thoughts

Not only does Ibotta save its customers money, but it creates memorable experiences that deliver real value every week. This kind of personalization transforms the relationship between a brand and its customers, driving more revenue, engagement, and long-term loyalty.

Madison Gardner

Madison is the Senior Writer at Braze. When she’s not writing case studies or discussing retention strategy, you can find her food crawling her way through every major city.