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Deliver hyper-personalized shopping experiences that every consumer expects. Braze empowers brands to help their shoppers easily find and buy whatever they need, from whatever channel they're on.

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What better way to experience the power of Braze than through one of our customers? Enjoy a complimentary $100 gift card to Instacart and see how we do it.

The Braze Inspiration Guide

Need to brainstorm new messaging and find innovative ways to meet your business goals? Download an exclusive, inspiring collection of over 40 customizable campaigns that have been leveraged by the world’s savviest brands to effectively activate, monetize and retain their consumers.

The Cross-Channel Marketing Difference

When 90% of consumers today want a seamless experience across different devices and platforms, leveraging a cross-channel marketing approach is a must for modern brands. Learn how Braze helps leading brands optimize their omni-channel strategy.


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