Let Data Be the Solution, Not the Problem

Maximize Your Data's Value in Braze

Today's brands need to use data to determine the next best experience for each individual customer. But currently more than 2/3 of collected data goes unused—falling victim to unstructured data, silos, and compliance requirements. Learn how to make the most of the information at your disposal by importing data from any source with the Braze platform's flexible data model and point-and-click integrations.

Zero-Party vs. First-Party Data: Challenges and Opportunities

Data independence requires brands to shift from relying on third-party data to investing in zero- and first-party data collection and management to support their marketing efforts. Get up to speed on these key data types and how to use them effectively to reach and engage your audience (including known and unknown users) and truly scale your business.

Tearing Down Data Silos

Brands all over the world are tasked with keeping up with changing customer behaviors while continuing to serve up exceptional, personalized experiences. Data silos make it difficult to do that successfully—but what can be done about it? In this video, we'll dig into signs that your data may be problematically siloed and share tips on how to respond effectively.

Leveraging Interactive Messaging: Personalizing Experiences With Movable Ink, Amazon Personalize, and Beyond

Great marketing today is all about understanding your customers and serving up experiences that feel meaningful and valuable. Thankfully interactive messaging can be a powerful tool for taking your marketing from boring to magical. Get up to speed on leading interactive messaging channels and best practices for making this kind of personalized engagement stand out.

Data, Tech, and Teams: The Ingredients of a Winning Strategy

Explore the ways that data, technology, and teamwork can support (or undermine) a customer engagement campaign and provide actionable guidance on how to avoid potential rough spots as you execute. The secret ingredient? Finding ways to break down the walls between data, engineering, and marketing teams.

How Sonic Drive-In Drives Sustainable Growth Through Meaningful Moments

Want to get more out of the messages you send and the campaigns you run? Make sure you understand the meaningful moments within your marketing program that drive real business impacts. In this video, we'll learn how Sonic Drive-In leverages data, technology, and teamwork to drive these actions more effectively over the long haul.

Building Your Anonymous User Engagement Strategy

Many brands don't realize that the largest part of their audience might be ‘anonymous users’—that is, users who engage on apps and the web but don't identify themselves. Learn how to easily leverage web and app SDKs to convert your anonymous users into known users who you can build long-term relationships with.

Building a Best-in-Class Data Collection Strategy

Not all data is created equally. If your brand is going to build its marketing strategy around data, you need to be confident that the information you’re collecting is accurate, up to date, and capable of having a meaningful impact on your customer engagement efforts. We'll help you get there.

Make AI Work for You: Predictive Suite, AI Copywriter, and Personalized Variant

Move beyond the hype around AI and explore tools built into the Braze platform that make it possible to predict key customer behaviors, automatically generate impactful message copy, and optimize your customer engagement efforts.

Ensuring Effective Data Collection and Personalization

Personalization is at the heart of modern marketing—but it just doesn't work without the right data. To carry out an effective personalization program as part of your customer engagement strategy, you need to ensure that you have the right information at your disposal, whether it's something you're collecting directly through your app or website or via a strategic data partner. In this video, we'll talk to experts in the field about how to get your hands on the data you need and how to use it to inform your customization efforts.