Give Back With Braze This Holiday Season

This year, Braze is extending our appreciation to the brands we partner with by giving the gift of giving back. In the spirit of making the world a better, more equitable place, we’re showing appreciation for our customers this year with a gift of a $40 contribution to GlobalGiving.

GlobalGiving offers a selection of over 6,000 projects in 175+ countries spanning disaster response, education, food security, racial justice, climate action, gender equality, and many more. And after receiving your gift, you can choose the project that resonates with you most and contribute it there.

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You accomplished amazing things this year.

You unlocked insights.

Audiences rejected one-size-fits-all messaging and challenged marketers to do more with the data they collect across touchpoints.

You became more creative.

Technology catalyzed great ideas by removing complexity and barriers to effective execution. Teams designed, visualized, and launched customer journeys–from simple nudges to dynamic cross-channel flows.

You made an impact.

Global brands grew acquisition, retention, and monetization metrics by optimizing valuable behaviors and activities across owned and paid channels.

From all the highlights of 2022, we selected three stories just for you.