Get Real with Braze Melbourne

If you’ve missed any insights, simply want to hear from our amazing speakers again, or even better, share with your colleagues - you can now watch recordings from Get Real with Braze Melbourne on demand.


Why Investing in First-Party Relationships Pays Off

Uncertain times find customers skittish and marketers under tremendous pressure to deliver greater return on investment, often with smaller teams and budgets. Watch Bill Magnuson in this exciting keynote session and discover how to leverage real-time data to strengthen your first-party relationships and infuse trust, empathy, and authenticity into every interaction.

Building Great Teams for the Future

How to enhance cross team collaboration and avoid silos? Jonathan Teo, Edwina Paul and Bosco Tan share their insights in a great panel discussion on one of the topics that’s on everyone’s mind, and that is how to build great teams for the future.

How to Move Off Legacy Tech Effectively

The transition from a legacy tech like Salesforce or Adobe onto Braze requires less effort than what you imagine. Nick Laidler tells of his seamless journey at Sportsbet.