Choosing a customer engagement platform can be one of the most significant decisions that your brand makes, impacting the strength of your consumer relationships and contributing to how successful your marketing strategy ultimately becomes. No two customer engagement solutions are the same—and finding the right one for your business, your unique use cases and your goals is essential if you want to make the most of your customer relationships and technology investments.

To help you find the technology that best fits your needs, we've put together a look at the most important questions you need to be asking when comparing different customer engagement platforms.

We’ve made it simple by creating a template you can use below:

While every brand has its own unique needs and goals to keep in mind when choosing a customer engagement platform, there are some bedrock principles that all companies should keep in mind before making a final decision. To meet the expectations of today's consumer, make sure that you invest in a technology that's built on a foundation of streaming real-time data, that can support coordinated, cohesive cross-channel campaigns, and that can effectively scale to support campaigns and customer journey flows of any size and speed without sacrificing reliability.

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