Complex Campaigns, Simple Execution

How WhatsApp Can Support Your Marketing Goals

To engage customers effectively these days, you have to speak to people where they are—and a lot of people (billions and billions of them) can be reached in one specific kind of place, namely OTT messaging platforms like WhatsApp. Get the inside scoop on how to reach and engage these users in this key new channel.


Today’s Customer Expects Tailored, Real-Time Messages—Can You Deliver?

The rise of mobile and the shift toward digital experiences has taken timely messaging from nice-to-have to essential, putting pressure on marketers to keep up. In this video, learn how to ensure that you're serving up the ideal "next best experience" in the moment for each individual customer in order to drive stronger relationships.

Use Technology to Drive More Creative, Impactful Customer Journeys

With the Braze platform's Canvas Flow customer journey tool, marketers can build out rich, responsive messaging flows that meet each customer's needs. In this video, learn how to ideate, design, and build the Canvas Flow that's right for your key use cases.

Harness Real-Time Marketing to Keep Pace with Today's Customer

Looking to take your customer journeys to the next level? Braze Canvas Flow lets marketers design multi-step customer journeys even faster with no code required, and to carry out individually optimized multivariate tests within each message, run analytics within each variant, and deeply customize with Experiment and Action steps. Let's dive in.

How Disney Keeps Viewers Streaming with Customer Engagement

Disney is one of the major success stories in today's highly competitive streaming space. Learn how they mastered customer engagement while growing their streaming offerings and how Braze and other technologies played a role in supporting their success.

How Mapping the Customer Journey Leads to ‘Happier’ Users

The rise of new technologies and new approaches to communication has given brands more ways to reach potential customers, but it’s also added an incredible amount of complexity to the customer journey. Learn from Ten Percent Happier how marketers can simplify this process to create one high-performance journey across channels.

The Ins-and-Outs of Modern Customer Retention

Increasing retention is a common goal among industry leaders—but it’s getting harder in our hyper-competitive world. To make the most of your retention efforts, you need to fully understand and leverage key drivers that influence how loyal customers are and how long they stick around.

Crawl, Walk, Run: From Single-Channel to Cross-Channel

Expanding your customer messaging efforts from a single channel to multiple coordinated channels can amplify the impact of your marketing—but how can you do that successfully? Hear from marketers who've made the jump and learn best practices for expanding your messaging mix in thoughtful ways.

Set Up Your New Messaging Channels for Success

You can't see the full value of messaging channels like email, push, or SMS if they aren't set up correctly and thoughtfully. Thankfully, our customer engagement experts are here to help support more successful implementations. Learn how to make sure you're setting up new channels in ways that will allow you to take advantage of their specific capabilities and use them effectively to carry out the use cases you care about.

Better Together: A Deep Dive Into SMS + Email Marketing

Get the skinny on two of the oldest—and arguably most impactful—digital marketing channels: SMS and Email. Learn how to make the most of these essential channels in your customer engagement efforts.

Get in the Game with Web Messaging

Websites are outpacing mobile apps in terms of MAU growth, yet too many marketers aren’t taking advantage of the web channels at their disposal. In this video, we’ll highlight effective messages we’ve seen on the web and the value of a platform you may be overlooking.

How Klarna Builds Loyalty With A Cross-Channel Approach to Brand Marketing

In this video, learn from Klarna on how to hone your customer engagement strategy to not just retain customers, but also create long-term meaningful connections with the customers and fuel sustainable growth.