Built for Growth: Braze Services and Community

Exploring Braze Community

To get the most out of your customer engagement efforts, it pays to be part of a community. In this exclusive video, Braze President and Chief Customer Officer Myles Kleeger will introduce the vision for community at Braze, and talk to a panel of customer engagement experts who collaborate with Braze and its community in different roles across various companies.

Creating Brilliant Experiences at a Global Scale

In this intimate conversation, Ashley Travis, KFC Head of Global Product Capabilities, will share her experiences overseeing a team of product owners charged with accelerating growth. Learn about the data, technologies, and strategies used by her organization to speed innovation, share learnings and best practices, and uplevel the experiences that they serve up their customers in countries around the world.

Torchie Awards

Each year, Braze celebrates the very best in customer engagement with our Torchie Awards. These awards honor consumer-facing brands and Braze Alloys partners who go above and beyond when it comes to building customer relationships and driving real value in the digital marketing space.

Building Opportunity: A Look at Tech for Black Founders

In 2020, Braze and other leading technology platforms came together to create Tech for Black Founders, a program providing resources and technology to empower Black-founded businesses and help level the playing field for underserved founders (only 1.2% of VC funding goes to Black-founded businesses). In this video, we'll hear from brands that took part in the program and explore their experiences.

Small But Mighty: How One-Person Teams Use Braze to Grow Their Business

At some brands, customer engagement is overseen by a team of one. It's up to that individual to plan, execute, and optimize their marketing strategies in smart, scalable ways. Hear from marketers who've been there—or are there!—and learn how Braze makes it possible for them to drive meaningful impact without a big team to support their efforts.

Supporting an Effective Braze Integration

Looking to make the most of your customer engagement platform? Ensuring a successful integration plays a key role in helping you get there. In this video, we'll explore challenges, opportunities, and best practices for integrating Braze in optimal ways and learn how starting strong can support customer engagement wins.

Grow With Braze: Braze Learning

Get up to speed on how Braze Learning supports marketing practitioners, growth team members, agencies, and others as they work to deepen their proficiency with the Braze platform and uplevel their customer engagement efforts.

How to Run an Executive Business Review

Your team is making incredible strides when it comes to customer engagement—but no one else seems to realize it. In this video, we’ll explore how executive business reviews can keep key stakeholders informed about the value being driven by Braze and other technologies.

The Ins-and-Outs of Modern Customer Retention

Increasing retention is a common goal among industry leaders—but it’s getting harder in our hyper-competitive world. To make the most of your retention efforts, you need to fully understand and leverage key drivers that influence how loyal customers are and how long they stick around.

How Brands from SMB to Enterprise Leverage Braze

With Braze, brands of all sizes are able to launch, pivot, expand, and scale their customer engagement efforts—but with different sizes come different challenges and approaches. In this video, learn what it took to fit their use of the Braze platform to fit their size, scale, and available resources.