Trigger Automatic Messages Seamlessly With Connected Audiences [Product Spotlight]

Instantly target any group of customers on the fly

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Thank you notes, order confirmations, and personalized recommendations—these 1:1 transactional messages can be a powerful way to build closer relationships with your customers by sending them contextual content at exactly the right time.

What happens, however, when key content is relevant to an entire audience within your customer base, rather than just a few individuals? For example, breaking news alerts or new content announcements can be important notifications to large groups of your consumers, and it’s critical to reach everyone with these updates.

Appboy’s APIs already allowed you to send targeted push and email messages to both predefined segments and to individual users. Today, we’re excited to announce Connected Audiences, allowing you to target messages to ad hoc subsets of your user base on the fly, without any pre-configuration on the Dashboard.

For example, a media app can use Appboy’s Custom Attribute arrays to track every category or TV show that a customer has favorited. Using Connected Audiences, you can connect a custom CMS with Appboy and automatically send a push notification or email to anyone who has favorited a show whenever a new episode is released—without needing to setup a Segment for each show. By combining Appboy’s real-time segmentation with the immediacy of API-driven messages, Connected Audiences allows you to harness the power of Appboy from within your existing systems.

We view it as our mandate to ensure that we’re helping you reach your customers across all channels, as well as to integrate seamlessly with your own systems. Connected Audiences bring this capability to life. Check out REST API in Appboy Documentation to get started today.

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