User Profile

\ˈyü-z ər\ \ˈprō-ˌfī(-ə)l\

A user profile is a digital collection of demographic and behavioral data on a given individual.


A user profile is a digital collection of information about a particular customer or user that’s used to support the larger customer/brand relationship. By gathering this data in a single location, user profiles make it easier for marketers to understand and engage their audience effectively. While the information contained within a user profile often focuses on a customer’s in-app behavior and preferences, it’s also possible to include a wide variety of other data types—including web activity and in-store purchases—and to augment the information contained in each profile using weather data and other information powered by third-party APIs.

"Thanks to the data in Bill’s user profile, we were able to encourage him to make a purchase by sending him a personalized push notification highlighting a sale on his favorite brand of sneakers."