Triggered Message

\ˈtri-gərd\ \ˈme-sij\

A triggered message is automated outreach sent in response to a predetermined user event.


Triggered messages are automated marketing communications that are sent in response to a pre-selected user event. Some may be standard transactional messages, such as a confirmation email after a purchase, but campaigns can be built to encourage particular actions and then send a campaign after the does or doesn’t take the action. Onboarding campaigns can be triggered by a first app open or account set up, an abandoned cart left five days could lead to a reminder push message, and loyalty campaigns can start once a number of purchases have been made within a time-limited window.

These types of messages are a crucial component for relationship marketing because they allow you to respond to specific user actions rather than sending batch and blast campaigns. The structure of the trigger is dependent upon actionable data and many CRMs provide for other customizations like delays and frequency capping, to help ensure the message will be seen and at the best time.

“Our triggered message campaign that sends after subscription has really increased the number of secondary purchases.”