Relationship Marketing

\ˈrē-ˌlāˌ-shən-ˌship\ \ˈmär-kə-tiŋ\

Relationship marketing is marketing that focuses on nurturing and maintaining mutually beneficial customer/brand relationships over the long haul.


Relationship marketing is an approach to marketing that focuses on the creation and maintenance of durable, give-and-take relationships between a brand and its customers. While relationship marketing has its roots in traditional one-on-one relationships between consumers and local merchants, the rise of mobile has made it possible for marketers to nurture these kinds of relationships with customers around the world at an unprecedented scale.

By using email, push notifications, and other digital messaging channels, marketers can now continuously provide personalized value and allow their customers to convey their preferences and exercise increased control over their experiences with that brand. That promotes a stronger customer/brand relationship and makes it more likely that the relationship serves both parties’ interests.

“We turned to a relationship marketing approach because we were having trouble holding onto the new app users we acquired.”